We provide a bespoke architectural service for those that don’t need either package in their entirety. Instead, you may wish to pick and choose elements of work to formulate a pre-planning application or a feasibility study to ensure your scheme is financially viable.

These simple planning enquiries can provide the client with vital information which could mean the job can or cannot be achieved.

Other possibilities for the Bespoke package could be a customer who requires an existing scheme “bringing to life”. We can work with hand-drawn drawings or CAD to produce a 3D image or 3D walkthrough to see what your architectural project could look like!

We have also carried out conveyance plans and licensing drawings for solicitors who need layouts for their own service.

We have been on site to produce an existing building survey and offered 3D information and layouts in AutoCAD format for their further use. We provide this service on site where possible to ensure all the measured survey is accurate.

We work closely with local councils on listed buildings and conservation works. We help to ensure the quality and history of the building is not lost in listed building refurbishment or renovation such as barn conversions.

This service would require a consultation before a price can be given. For further information on works, set out below, in your area please get in touch.