What is technical design in architecture?

15 May 2018

It is necessary to pass through a number of stages. During the design & construction of a building. This is useful for project planning. Because milestones become established. As well as progress report compilation and payment. Contrastingly, confusion can exist between naming. And involved required at each stage. Resultantly, it is critical to describe activities at each stage. And also the detail required.

Technical design takes place once detailed design is complete. However, it happens before tender commences & building starts.

However, it is normal for technical design to overlap. And this can happen in the production, tender & construction stages. Specifically sub-contractor implementation of a design.

A lead designer typically implements technical design. As this process can also involve external subcontractors. Resultantly, a start up meeting may need to take place. Delegation of multiple tasks happens during the process. And there may be a requirement for a design co-ordinator. This is to not only manage the design but also integrate it.

The order of technical design is very important. E.g. voids above ceiling tile grids need to accommodate multiple services. e.g. Light fittings or smoke detectors. Or mullion positions for cladding. Which mark partition locations in cellular offices. And drainage takes priority over other services. For example: plumbing, electrics or vent systems.

Specifications can then be created once structural, mechanical & architectural services have been defined. Which describe the main components of the building. And how they work together. These take the form of technical specifications. And room data sheets.

It is important to undertake regular process reviews. The design team may need to review design information.

It is sometimes necessary to visit contractors. In order to see samples, mock-ups & test materials. The client may sign off samples. Before committing to the final product.


A number of stages are passed through during planning & construction. This allows milestones to be specified. And progress reporting & payment can be made. However the process can be confusing. Technical design can overlap into other stages. e.g. building construction. It can involve multiple stakeholders. As well as a design co-ordinator. The order of technical design is important in a buildings construction. For example, placement of services above a ceiling. And technical specifications & room data sheets can be created. Regular review of the whole process is vitally important.

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