What is a master plan?

27 April 2018

A masterplan is a document. It demonstrates a current community. And suggests how it could develop in the future. Specifically, it comprises a number of elements. These usually include:

Normally, a masterplan covers a number of areas:

Does the masterplanning process involve anything else?

The production of a masterplan can be a complex process. Planners have to go through a range of people. Including general public, interest groups & planning boards. In order to progress their work. In extreme circumstances, government can discontinue such planning. If it is believed to cause widespread disruption.

Plans can be driven forward in a number of ways. These include use of police power. Or using taxes to raise finds. Private property can be sold through eminent domain. In favour of the public domain to re-develop land.

Zoning is another consideration for a planner. Types of buildings in each part of a city are determined by zoning laws. e.g. One type of land may allow residential. Whereas commercial or industrial may not.


In this post, we have outlined what masterplanning is. Along with a description of some of the key components of it. We have also outlined some of the complex issues which exist in the process. These can include planning difficulties with various institutions. We have also mentioned how masterplans can be sped up. And what role zoning plays in masterplanning.

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