Why should I arrange a site survey for my project?

14 August 2018

A site survey is conducted to add to or verify site information as provided by the client and appraisals carried out by the consultant team.

A good starting point is a basic walkover survey. Which furthermore, may be followed up by more detailed ones which outline specific issues.

They can be carried out by a consultation team if they occupy the correct skill set. However, they can also be commissioned from specialists. Specifically, the consultation team work out the surveys required and ask the client to approve the commencement of the survey or to ask them to begin the it if they are completing it themselves.


Significantly, examples can include:



Undeniably, a survey is necessary to verify information gathered about a site from a client. Normally in the form of a basic walk over. Moreover, if the consultation team have the correct skills, they can complete the it.  Undeniably, there are many different types available. Unquestionably, the consultation team working on your project will determine the type of survey needed.

Are you looking for someone to complete a site survey?

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