What is a tender in a construction project?

27 July 2018

A tender happens when a supplier responds to an invitation. Specifically, it is to make an offer for the supply of goods & services. As part of this, documentation is provided to support the process.

For the completion of a construction project, tenders typically provide the goods required. In contrast to an appointment. Which describes the process of selecting consultancy services.

In construction, tenders can serve a multitude of purposes. e.g. supply of equipment, main contract, enabling works and demolition.

The tender process typically requires that all tenders submitted have individual documentation relating to the project. Subsequently, such documents include drawings and specifications. And multiple contractors typically receive this. Ultimately, this makes it easier to price. Furthermore, the client can more easily make comparisons between multiple ones.

Proper identification should be made regarding connections between packages. And connected clearly to one package. It is also necessary to break down the cost plan package by package. Which undeniably, allows easy appraisal of tenders received.

Examples of documentation includes:

Strict adherance to record keeping should be made. Specifically, copies of the documentation.

architectural documentation

Sub-contractors should be sent relevant documents. As an act of good practice


In this post, we have outlined what a tender is. We have also mentioned examples of tender documentation. And have outlined the importance of record keeping and managing documents correctly.

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