What is the role of a principal designer in a commercial project?

29 June 2018

Clients utilise the services of a principal designer. To manage the pre-construction phase of projects with various stakeholders.

They are involved in managing health & safety. Indeed, the pre-construction phase dictates such conditions. Subsequently, ensuring safe project delivery.

The principal designer adopts a number of important roles. e.g.:

In domestic projects, a principal designer is not required. A designer carries this role out instead. The designer has control of the pre-construction phase. Someone else will also take on client duties. However, it is possible for them to enter a written client agreement.

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A principal designer manages the pre-construction phase of a project with multiple stakeholders. They manage health & safety throughout the project. Ensuring safe delivery. And bring together information from designers & contractors. Ensuring everyone is working together & work is co-ordinated correctly. Domestic projects do not require services of principal designers. However, the client can request a principal designer. Undoubtedly, a written agreement will clarify this.

Are you beginning a commercial project?

Principal designer services are now compulsory within the CDM regulations. Have you arranged these services for your project? Contact us today to see how we could help.

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