What considerations need to be made when planning a two-storey extension?

08 June 2018

Introduction Two-storey extensions don’t normally require planning permission. But regulations must be closely considered. We have written this post to provide a walk through of the limitations and conditions...

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What should I consider when building a new home?

29 May 2018

It is certain to say that building a new home is no mean feat. Although at first, you may think it is important to look at the big picture...

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What is technical design in architecture?

15 May 2018

It is necessary to pass through a number of stages. During the design & construction of a building. This is useful for project planning. Because milestones become established. As...

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How to sell land

08 May 2018

In the real estate industry, the sale of land is referred to as “dirt”. And this is, in essence, what you are selling. Selling land can be particularly difficult....

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What is a Project Execution Plan (PEP)?

01 May 2018

Project execution plans (PEP) show who completes each task. As well as relevant priorities, policies & procedures. Furthermore, a client contract can involve many parties. Significantly, things must be...

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