What should I consider when designing my new office space?

15 June 2018

Office interiors are more than just a place in which your employees work. It also has to successfully combine a number of corporate functions. Fortunately, creating an effective and productive office interior is not difficult if you follow the rules mentioned in this post.

How can I stick to a budget when designing an office space?

Before commencing your project, it is vital to think about how much you want to spend on your project. Make sure that the quote you receive includes everything you require. This ensures that you are left with no last-minute surprises such as unplanned costs. Specifically, make sure that the following are included in the estimate:

Hidden surprises are less likely if the initial quote is slightly higher.

How can I match the branding of my new office space with that of my business?

It is good for clients to get a good first impression of your office space. And that it portrays accurately your brand image. Make sure that things such as brand colours, company values and vision are shown through the final design. This can help visitors to your premises immediately recognise who you are and know what to expect when dealing with you and your team.

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How can I make the design of my office efficient?

As well as being an attractive space, the design of your office will also need to match the needs of your staff. As part of the process, you will need to look at integrating the following into your premises:

In the days of modern technology, it is important to have plentiful power sockets. However, it is also important to have a well-designed HVAC system, helping keep your employees comfortable and controlling the climate.

How do I integrate IT and telecoms into my design?

If you are moving from one premises to another, it is important to migrate your existing IT systems over. As you do not want to disrupt your customers. To do this, it will be necessary to get in the experts. So that customers can continue to contact you even during the office move.

How do I make my new office legally compliant?

There are a range of governmental laws that must be followed in your new design. These include:

Make sure to take all these points into account so that law suits and legal issues can be avoided. As well as making sure that your employees are being taken care for. Avoiding potential illness or injury. So, when you are planning your new office, speak to the relevant people about how you can comply with government regulations.


If you follow the rules we mention in this post, you will be able to effectively implement your next office fit out in the correct way. Which means that the final result will support your branding strategies, fit in with your budgets, comply with government law and offer your workforce the infrastructure they require. As well as keeping your workforce safe.

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