How can 3D visualisation benefit my project?

09 August 2018

3D visualisation was once considered an added luxury for architectural projects. However, it has now become a necessary part of most projects. In the past decade, the cost of producing 3D models has reduced. Meaning they are now much more affordable and accessible. In this article, we have outlined a number of ways that 3D visualisation can be beneficial for your next architectural project.

What are the benefits of 3D visualisation?

Makes projects easy to visualise. Many people learn things the best when they can see something. In architecture, it is important for the client to see what the finished product will look like from an early stage. 3D visualisation allows this from an early stage,.

Effective for marketing larger projects. Because the technology behind 3D modelling has become more affordable more recently, there is a significant advantage to using it. Especially when tendering for a large and potentially highly profitable project. It could be the difference between winning or loosing out a contract.

3d walkthrough kitchen

Good at demonstrating different options. In architecture, there are always lots of options to explore. Use of 3D models can quickly show these for project managers and clients.

Precise and accurate. A variety of information can be combined into 3D models. Achievement of a projects vision is achieved through clear communication. By combining photos and 3D renders.

Easier communication. Undoubtedly, working with physical copies of drawings can be a nightmare when having to distribute to multiple parties. A 3D animation is easier in this way because it can be uploaded to YouTube and be distributed to many people.

Virtual Reality. Virtual reality has a number of different uses in architecture. For example, you could fly a virtual helicopter route over a proposed site.

Virtual Centers. Virtual Centers are a useful way to communicate projects using a virtual world. Which combined videos, images and tours of the project.

3d walkthrough living room

Easy to share and market. Use of social media is a great way to promote your project. A 3D video is generally more engaging than other media such as static images.

Discover problems before project commences. Before the build commences, a 3D model can discover any potential issues. Ensuring these do not occur once the build has commenced.

3D visualisations …
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