What is building control?

19 July 2018

New buildings should meet current building codes and regulations. To ensure these obligations are fully met, it is the responsibility of those doing the work. And such works are likely to be checked regularly.

What does building control ensure?
What is the difference between planning and building control?

Building or altering a structure generally requires permission. However, most people do not know the difference between planning and building regulations. Therefore, we have outlined these differences in this article.

The design and construction of new buildings are largely control by building regulations. There are multiple parts to building regulations. Such as keeping people on site safe. They also cover things such as using power and fuel in efficient ways. And suitable facilities are provided for the people who will be occupying the building. Including those who have disabilities. This ensures that people can access and move around the buildings with ease.

In contrast, planning is the process that towns, cities and countryside develops. Specifically, this includes the use of land and buildings, building appearance, how the landscape will look, road access and impact of the development on the environment.

In most instances, planning permission is needed. However, this depends on the work required. For example, internal building work will probably not require planning permission. However it is highly likely that building regulation approval will be. Additionally,  the construction health and safety regulations set out multiple obligations.


In this article, we have defined what building control is. We have also summarised what kind of things building control do. And have outlined how building control is different to a planning department.

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