An Essential Guide to Building a House Extension

26 March 2018

Why build a house extension?

In a current slow housing market, an increasing number of people are deciding to add extensions to their homes instead of moving. This brings a number of benefits. The most obvious may be that adding an extension adds value to your home & makes it more appealing to potential buyers. Of course, it also gives homeowners more room in their property, if they have, or are planning to have a family.

What factors should I consider when building an extension?

Thinking of building a house extension? Speak to us today & see how we can help

Adding an extension to your home is not only a great way to add value but it also adds more room to your property, giving you & your family more space. It also makes selling your home easier. Increasingly, more & more people are deciding to add extensions to their existing property instead of moving, due to the slow market.

If you are thinking of building an extension, Phoenix Design Man can assist with this. Contact us today to discuss your project further.

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