Why should I arrange a site survey for my project?

14 August 2018

A site survey is conducted to add to or verify site information as provided by the client and appraisals carried out by the consultant team. A good starting point...

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How can 3D visualisation benefit my project?

09 August 2018

3D visualisation was once considered an added luxury for architectural projects. However, it has now become a necessary part of most projects. In the past decade, the cost of...

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When do I require planning permission?

01 August 2018

Planning permission is only required if the definition of development which is set out in section 55 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 is met. Furthermore, this...

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What is a tender in a construction project?

27 July 2018

A tender happens when a supplier responds to an invitation. Specifically, it is to make an offer for the supply of goods & services. As part of this, documentation...

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What is building control?

19 July 2018

New buildings should meet current building codes and regulations. To ensure these obligations are fully met, it is the responsibility of those doing the work. And such works are likely...

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